What To Expect

When you arrive at PUMC, expect to be greeted with warmth and smiles. We love to meet new people and make them feel at home. Car worship, offered every Sunday at 9 am (weather permitting), allows us to gather together in our cars in the PUMC parking lot and socially-distance on the lawn. In this 45-minute service, we gather as a community of faith to worship, proclaim and receive God’s Word, respond in faith, and depart to love and serve our neighbors and communities. Remote worship is filled with the same welcome, worship, Scripture, preaching, and other aspects as our car church opportunity. Email the church to have it delivered right in your email inbox or view by selecting the “Remote Worship” tab.

Whichever you choose, we hope that through worship, you will experience the steadfast love of God, the redeeming presence of Christ, and the holy breath of the Spirit.

Meet the Pastors

Pastor David and Katie have teamed up to listen for God’s leading at PUMC, and what they hear has been full of promise. Our church family just keeps growing, both by reaching out and by drilling down, deepening in the faith even as we extend our arms ever wider. During David’s tenure, the church added a contemporary service and expanded our outreach into community-wide worship. With Katie’s ministry, we are taking church outside the walls of the sanctuary and into the beautiful mess of our daily lives, forming small groups for relational discipleship. Together our pastors strive to preach fresh messages for those who are thirsting, and offer care for those who are hurting. They are convinced PUMC is the best appointment they could have!

At home, David and his wife Carolyn have two kids, Addy and Joseph, along with a pleasantly plump dog named Sophie. They enjoy fitness groups, date nights, and local parks. Katie grew up in Virginia and moved to NC to attend Duke Divinity School. She enjoys going to the beach and hosting dinner parties!

To contact us directly,

email pumc@pinehurstumc.org

or call 910-215-4559.