David Beam

Senior Pastor

Husband, father, cyclist, hopeless golfer, early riser, Paleo dieter, Netflix junkie, neat freak.


Sarah Swandell

Associate Pastor

Writer, reader, and coffee drinker. Newlywed and proud aunt. Introvert and lifelong questioner. Older than I look.


Tracy Kerley

Minister of Music

Love my doggies, Radar and iPod, and the beach in fall! Love to get things done! Love to watch Jesus show off in people’s lives! Love music, animals, God’s creation… so awesome!


Zack Moser

Student and Family Minister

Zack is a lifelong United Methodist who listens to entirely too much sports talk radio. His favorite show is “The Right Time with Bomani Jones,” and recommends you check it out if you’re a sports fan (unless you’re a soccer fan — Bomani never talks about soccer). In ministry, he believes the words of John Wesley’s Covenant Prayer best describe the philosophy and attitude we should maintain: “Put me to what you will; rank me with whom you will. I freely and fully yield all things to your pleasure and disposal.” Fortunately, that commitment is made significantly easier because “The Right Time with Bomani Jones” is available as a podcast so he never has to miss an episode. It’s the little things, y’know?


Shirley Baldwin

Parish Nurse

I am a wife, mother, and nurse who enjoys providing medical support and prayers to our congregation. I volunteer at Moore Free Care Clinic, the Pinehurst police department, and the Christian Women’s Connection. I also love to exercise — and cook!


Cathy Wibbens

Ministry Assistant

My husband Brian and I are the proud parents of two college-aged sons. I enjoy cooking, yoga, hiking, and boating. I’m also — like many members of our church — a die-hard Ohio State fan! Go Bucks!